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You Need the Right Tech

Tech isn't optional for your side hustle to thrive, it's critical

I am a product executive, data scientist, writer, and coach.

Over three decades, I have dedicated my career to envisioning, building, and operating software products and solutions at leading companies including Microsoft.

An entrepreneurial product manager, my mindset is to invest in your unique brand and maximize income across multiple streams. As such, I advocate running your own business while contributing to the success of other organizations to increase options and freedom. 

I love using technology to solve problems and open up new possibilities in life.

My day job is as a Chief Product Officer envisioning, building and marketing digital products and experiences.

I ran IT inside of Microsoft for ten years so I know how important tech-enabled processes are for running and growing a business.

I adopted the side hustle lifestyle ten years ago as a way to earn additional income for my family.

My mission is to help your learn the essential technology to supercharge your online side hustle business and make the choices on what is best for your business.

I measure my success by what you are able to achieve. 

I look forward to working with you. 

You can learn more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

I look forward to working with you!